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We started this company started back in 1981.  We wanted to be experts in one thing, carpet cleaning.  So we chose the name Carpet Specialists.  I did the cleaning and my Wife scheduled the appointments.  At that time, Carpet Manufacturers were recommending dry cleaning so we used the HOST dry cleaning system.  Soon we were running two trucks and had even cleaned 13 floors of the Time/Life Building in Chicago!
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In 1986, StainMaster carpet was introduced and the Carpet Manufacturers were recommending Hot Water Extraction.  Our customers loved how dry the carpet was after we cleaned using the HOST products but also knew that things were changing in the industry so we offered both the HOST dry cleaning system and Hot Water Extraction. We soon discovered that combining Hot Water Extraction with the HOST pile lifting machine provided superior results.
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We quickly grew to three carpet cleaning trucks and became very organized and systematic in our procedures.  We were ready to expand and joined the Service Team of Professionals Franchise in the Water and Fire Damage Restoration field.  Our name no longer reflected our service so we changed it to Clean Care and Restoration.  I quickly recognized that there is no better sense of accomplishment than helping people restore their lives in a time of disaster.
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Water and Fire Damage Restoration is very rewarding but also extremely time consuming as a 24 hour, 7 day a week service.  It took a huge toll on our family life.  So in 1999 we decided it was time to go back to just carpet and upholstery cleaning once again doing the work myself.    So we changed the name to Paul Ottensann, LLC.  This proved to be the best balance between work and family life for me.
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Creating a website was on my list of things to do for quite some time.  So when my Granddaughter was in my office and she saw the old picture of me on the refrigerator magnet she asked “Is that you, Papa?”  I knew then that this was the time to get it done!