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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website!  I hope that I can provide valuable information to help you make the right decision in choosing a carpet cleaning firm.

Back in 1991 experts from the carpet cleaning field, carpet manufacturing industry and cleaning supplies industry all took part to create a written standard of carpet cleaning procedures.  It was called the Carpet Cleaning Standard.  The problem is that not many people have heard of this.  A much more serious problem is that only a small fraction of carpet cleaners actually clean according to the Standard.

So let me explain what sets my service apart: 

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  • Personal! When you schedule an appointment, I will be the person performing the work.  With over 35 years of experience, you can expect the very best workmanship.  But more importantly, I really enjoy what I do!
  • Time!  My priority is not how many homes I can clean in a day, its making the carpet look as close to new as possible in every home I clean.  To do this takes a proven set of procedures.
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  • Protection! Even before cleaning is started, all areas of your home where work is to be performed are protected as shown in the video.  Furniture is carefully moved, cleaned behind and reset with blocks or tabs placed under the legs.
  •  Water!   I carry my own soft water.  No need to hook up to your water source.  By using soft water, the cleaning agent is much more effective.
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  • Green!  Green cleaning agents are used and are safe for the environment!  All cleaning agents used to clean the carpet are removed with a clean water rinse.  Safe for children and pets!
  •  Mechanical Pile lifting.  This is what I consider the most important step in the cleaning process.  The machine is designed to lift the nap but it also gets the cleaning agent deeper into the carpet fiber.  It makes the cleaning process so thorough that it virtually eliminates the need for spot cleaning.  Spots are removed and do not come back!
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  • Details, Details, Details!   Hand detailing is done along the base trim, in hard to reach areas and around furniture that is not moved.  Slow vacuum passes are used to allow for maximum soil removal and shorter drying times.  A final grooming is made for a “just installed” appearance.  Fans are used to speed drying.

If you have any questions, please contact me using the “Contact” tab above.

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